Gain Five Pounds the Easy Way

Standard Baking Company

Portland, Maine – Want to gain five pounds? Want to enjoy every bite of that journey? Done! Eat here EVERY WEEK…One of the joys of living in Portland, Maine – Standard Baking Company.

croissants at Standard Baking Company

This French bakery is across the street from the ferry terminal on Commercial Street. There is something absolutely intoxicating about walking out of the cool morning air and into the sugary warmth of this bakery. INTOXICATING.

Fresh Baked Goods

You need to get there early on a Saturday morning or you’ll wait in a line that snakes out to parking lot.

ENJOYING Yummy Baked Goods

Best treat for little fingers? Vanilla Bean Madeline. The four-year-old’s favorite? Pain au Chocolat. I haven’t had a bad bite there yet.

WARNING: In the Maine, five pounds await you!



P.S. Not coming to Maine? Still want warm sugary yumminess first thing in the morning? Grab your toddler and head to the kitchen! We made this super easy recipe together. Check it out!

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