The Education STOPS Right at the CAFETERIA Doors!…Except Here!

Washington, D.C. – My little explorers and I have hit the doorsteps of nearly two dozen museums. TWO DOZEN! Each one filled with fantastic experiences, knowledge, curiosities, and little tidbits that morph into invitations to explore even more. It’s the kind of journey that can make inquiring minds hungry… I mean hungry for LUNCH. And that’s when it happens. We are smacked in the face almost every time with a total BUZZ kill: The museum cafeteria. Some call themselves a cafe, a restaurant, a self-service food station, or a snack machine. But whatever it is and wherever it is… you can be sure that the education stops right at the door!

The museums’ exhibits are well thought through… fine details, displays and hours of installation all geared to engaging the mind.

The gift shops are beautifully curated with learning toys and souvenirs that ensure the intellectual engagement continues at home.

Fries with that? Hamburger? Pack of crackers?

No way! Not here! Almost every museum we’ve visited has something MAJOR to learn from the National Museum of the American Indian.

Observation Panel of Kitchen

The restaurant on the bottom floor of the museum is serving up education with your meal… because the meal itself is a lesson on the traditional foods of Native Americans.

Northern Woolands

You have chance to eat as the Cherokee did. You can sample foods from Native Peoples of the Southwest, the plains, from every pocket of the country. And the food is delicious! Healthy, too.

A Vegetable Trio of butternut squash, brown rice, quinoa with beets... YUMMY!

A Vegetable Trio of butternut squash, brown rice, quinoa with beets… YUMMY!

The restaurant doesn’t skimp on atmosphere either. The walls are covered with oversized photographs of tribal gathering and hunting.

Seating area National Museum of the American Indian

This is an amazing place to eat AND learn... at the same time. While your belly travels to a very happy place so will your mind. Is it too much to ask for nap cots?

I’m hoping Children’s Museums, science museums and aquariums will move in this inspiring direction. Thought out lunch areas that teach us about food would be a welcome adventure and not to mention a huge revenue opportunity. Bring it!


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