TeePee: A Garden Fort for All Seasons!

Backyard Gardening for Kids

Maine – Need a little backyard magic?  Friends, an edible teepee is the ticket! This is where fun meets nutrition and education.

Who’s with me?

Simply drag sticks out of the woods or buy bamboo poles at a garden shop. Dig holes to drive your sticks into the ground. Just a few inches deep will do. Lean the tops into the center. Tie together with twine at the top. Zip ties work great, too. Once your teepee is sturdy, arm the kids with a package of sugar snap peas and pole beans. They can plant them at the base of poles.

Sugar snaps growing on tea pea poles

Before you know it, sprawling vines will create the perfect summer hide out. Add buoys, solar lanterns, shells, or even a flag. Make it yours!  When those delicious sugar snaps mature on the vine, your children may even eat them. Trust me, I didn’t believe it at first either.

Backyard fun, fall teepee

And in the fall, rake up leaves to keep your spies hidden.

Teepee snow cave

And in the winter, there is no better snow cave.

The best part is.. when Spring appears once more, your kids will ask for seeds.

See what I mean? Mission Accomplished.



Toddler Take-Aways

  • Science: Plant life cycle, nutrition, gardening
  • Early construction principals
  • Fun they will remember even when they are as old as we are!

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