Jetpack Super Power

Sometimes in life you just need a little extra umph.

So, today, we are making a jet pack… or personal rocket engine, if you prefer. It’s fun and keeps my monkey’s interest in Space study alive and well. It also makes small bikes move at turbo speeds. Or so it seems.

I found the idea here on Doodlecraft. Her directions are awesome. I’ll run you through the steps as we made a few changes along the way.


  1. Piece of cardboard
  2. Two soda bottles (we used one-liters but the bigger size will work great as well)
  3. Spray Paint
  4. Tissue Paper
  5. Hot Glue Gun
  6. Ribbon, webbing or other material for straps.


Spray paint your bottles. I actually sprayed the inside of them (which I should have done while wearing gloves) but you can get spray paint for plastic at the craft store if you want to spray the outside.


Cut out a piece of cardboard that will support the bottles and fit your little one’s back.


Using scissors, put four slits in cardboard to accommodate straps.


Take your tissue paper and crumple in the middle, squeezing and twisting, to make a long tail you can stuff into the bottles.


Add straps.


Glue gun bottles to the cardboard. Let dry.

You are done! Now it’s time for your little one to see of that jet pack adds just the right amount of power.

We found the jet packs paired with a bicycle makes the perfect space rocket.

To infinity and beyond!



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