Field Trip (or why we went running like crazies from our house!)

Checking out NASA’a lunar landing module mockup, used in preparation for moon landing!

Dear lord we are up to our eyeballs in sleep training. Which feels more like mommy’s internal fight between two evil forces: listen to your baby cry and cry -or- never sleep through the night again. We are also mid way through the battle of wills: 3-year-old vs. 30-something. Good times. So this group of family fun needed a field trip in the worst way.

So we headed out first thing this morning and I am so glad we did. It was a five-hour break from the ugga buggas of trying to raise great humans. Which, as it turns out, is a lot of work.

But when my little man C. looked at this lunar landing exhibit and enthusiastically shouted MOON SAND so loudly everyone in the building could hear him… my heart burst with love and pride (which I would need as soon as we pulled back into our driveway and a certain unwanted behavior returned with us.)

All of the exploring at a local space exhibit brought home all of the lessons we’ve had here at home. It was a great day… (well, most of it : )



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