Are You Hooked?

Your little pirate has an eye patch and a spyglass, now we need a hook for the hand! Here’s an easy way to make one in about 15 minutes!

You Need:

  1. Red solo cup
  2. Red duct tape
  3. Aluminum foil


STEP ONE: – ADULT ONLY – using sharp end of scizzors cut a hole in the bottom of the cup. Ours is about 1/2 inch in diameter. This does not need to be precise as long as you don’t cut the bottom of the cup out!

STEP TWO: Hand toddler a nice sheet of aluminum foil (about the length you would use to cover a casserole dish). Your child will roll up the aluminum length wise.

STEP THREE: crunch the aluminum to compact the foil and mold into the shape of a hook.

STEP FOUR: Flattened the end to be inserted into the cup.

STEP FIVE: Insert one end of the hook into the cup. I pushed enough of the hook through to allow Crowley to have a handle to hold onto inside the cup, about 4 inches (give or take).

STEP SIX: Use pieces of red duct tape to cover the plastic cup’s hole, where the hook is inserted. Do this to the inside and outside of the cup, making sure to secure hook while also covering any jagged plastic edges.

You are done! Enjoy!


P.S. Tomorrow, I’ll show you the world’s easiest way to make a pirate hat that will last!

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