Upcycle: Be Mine, Holiday Cards!

Upcycled Valentine

Portland, Maine – I guess it’s a week after Christmas when I think of an old friend I’ll call Sally. Sally told me that every year, she takes everyone’s holiday cards and puts them in an album. What a respectful thing to do, especially when you consider the thought, time, and expense spent on holiday greetings. I look at the stack of wonderful well wishes we received, the family photographs, and then I face the facts–my children’s baby books are not finished yet. I’ll never get these put into an album. GUILT. GUILT. GUILT.


With a nearly 5-year-old roaming these halls, our world is all about words. Read them, write them, repeat (for the foreseeable future).

So here’s a great way to support your preschooler in their quest to conquer the language and upcycle those beautiful holiday greetings into Valentine’s Cards!

Take your stack of cards. Grab a pair of scissors and cut out the words.

Holiday Cards in need of new life

Add construction paper, markers, ribbon, glue sticks and anything else you can find.

Holiday words for Valentines

Next let your word-smith-to-be put together the words to make Valentine wishes. And there is something sort of fun about taking well wishes and transforming them into Valentines.

Upcycled Valentine Cards



PreSchool Perks

  1. Fine Motor Control
  2. Increase Vocabulary
  3. Sight Word Exposure and recognition
  4. Mixed Media Art
  5. A great primer in the art of showing love!

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