Spooky Handprints that WON’T Make you SCREAM!

Here’s an easy Halloween craft! All you need is construction paper and washable paint.

Meet our spooky spider – we painted the palm and four fingers and printed palm on top of palm for this arachnid. This is a great opportunity to have your preschooler figure out how many fingers must be painted to come up with eight legs for your spider. Have them come up with a theory and test it out until you get an eight legged friend.

For the ghost, again just paint four fingers and palm. Black hole punches for the eyes and we cut on oval out for the mouth.

And the best part is the ghost that isn’t perfect… is the best one – a lesson for a Type-A whose name we will not mention. 🙂


  1. Creative play
  2. Fine motor skill development
  3. Connection to the holidays
  4. Math

Happy Halloween,


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