Crescent Moon of Yellow Cheese… How Delicious You Are!

Here’s a fresh spin on homemade goldfish! I found a fantastic easy recipe here. It’s fast, too.

We used cookie cutters to press out crescent moons for our Space Camp.

But we also made cheddar sharks…

…and dinosaurs…

and dolphins…

…and more.

How many cookie cutters can you fit on this extra bit of dough? Great problem solving for C!

I found these copper cookie cutters on the clearance aisle at TJ Maxx. And if you need more cookie cutters for your collection, a google search will turn up plenty of options.

These are the perfect back-to-school snacks if you can keep them around that long!



P.S. To give the recipe at the link above, add a little hot sauce oR greek seasoning (about 1 tablespoon) to give your crackers a little kick. That’s just enough to give them flavor while still appealing to your littlest connoisseur.

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