DIY Olympic Rings

Ever notice when you go to buy paper plates for a craft project, they come in a stack of (what seems like) one million? Here’s a way to use up 6 six of them! Fun and simple Olympic rings, just in time for the opening ceremonies.


Paper plates (6)

Paint (or crayons or markers)

Paint brushes

Hot glue gun (loaded)


STEP ONE: Load up one of those plates with paint.


Take your other five plates and turn them over. Now paint the outer rings (or the whole plate if you are a toddler and can’t help yourself). Toddler will also not stick to one color per plate, so Type-A’s prepare yourselves. It will still look fun at the end.


After the plates are dry, cut the middle out. This is a great time for your pumpkin to exercise those scissors skills. (Now just try to say those last four words real fast.)


Arrange plates. PARENTS ONLY:  Using your hot glue gun, glue them together.


You are done! Display them in time for tonight’s opening ceremonies!

Looking for something to talk about while you and your little craft? Here’s more about the symbolism behind the Olympic rings.

Check out this site for fun printables and other craft ideas!

Go World!


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