The Pay-Off!

When I look around our Adventure Room (formerly the bonus room), I have to admit, I get a little bit teary.

Look at where we started….

And here we are today!

And I have to say, that having all of you along for the ride, has made this experience even better. So, thank you!

Today, we are bringing our ocean focus to a close, but on Monday, we work anew. Our old pediatrician in Roanoke, Virginia, taught me something I will never forget as long as I am in the child-raising business: Follow Crowley’s interests. He said, “You don’t need to force feed him information. Just pay attention to what Crowley is interested in and help him explore that interest to the fullest.” GREAT ADVICE, Dr. Craft! I am forever thankful because that has defined my relationship with my son.

So in deciding which topic to run with next, I just listened to Crowley and watched. And he picked up a human anatomy book and began asking questions about the heart, the brain, etc. He calls it the brain book. And so, Monday, our exploration of the human body begins! And it’s going to be great! Let’s see where this adventure leads!


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